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  • Michael Sacasas

Curves and Categories: Machine Learning, AI, and the Nature of Classification

Please join us at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 17th for a public lecture delivered by Dr. Scott Hawley.

Machine learning classification techniques are increasingly applied to fields as diverse as biology, astronomy, the humanities, law, medicine, the entertainment industry, criminal justice, library science, aesthetics, robotics, and more, in an effort to automate human decision-making on massive scales. The problematic socio-political ramifications of this enterprise are becoming increasingly evident, and merit a closer examination of the philosophies and methods of classification from their origins in antiquity up to present large-scale A.I. systems.

Dr. Hawley is a Professor of Physics at Belmont University, and his research interests include machine learning, neural networks, and the ethics of A.I. Dr. Hawley joins us to explore the fascinating and complex nature of classification and what it reveals about intelligence, human and machine. As the topic concerns human knowledge organization and decision-making in general, this will be an interdisciplinary talk intended to appeal to stakeholders in many fields.

Parking will be available on site at the Christian Study Center (112 NW 16th Street) and at First Lutheran Church (1801 NW 5th Ave).

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