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  • Michael Sacasas

Graduate Roundtable

Our graduate roundtable is led by Dr. Brent Henderson, professor of linguistics at UF. He and his wife, Valerie, host a group for graduate students and their spouses and children. The group meets at the Henderson's home and will gather for the first time this semester on Friday, September 23rd at 6:00 p.m.

Meetings of this group always include a meal together, discussion of the reading, and fellowship. The readings and discussions center on the question of what it means to live a good life and (often) the role our work and vocation plays in that. Readings are pulled from Christian ethics and theology, philosophy, and elsewhere.

The first week's discussion will focus on two videos. They're very different talks that have a lot in common in the questions they ask of us:

  • Matt Croasmun (Yale Center for Faith and Culture), "What's Worth Wanting?"

  • Cornell West (Union Theological Seminary), "What is Means to be Human."

For more information about the group please contact Brent at

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