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Help Us Raise the Bar

Dear friend of the CSC and Pascal's,

My name is Laurie Goddard and I am the new manager of Pascal's! Some of you may remember me from before. I managed the bar from 2010-2013 as well. In a wonderful turn of events, I am back in my role as manager of Pascal's, a place I love dearly.

As someone who has been around for a while, I can attest to how desperately the bar needs to be renovated. We are hoping to raise $100,000 to completely rebuild the bar, refinish those ancient but beautiful wood floors, and replace the roof!

Attached you will find a postcard that recently went out to your mailbox. This includes information about how to give to our Raise the Bar campaign.

Here is the Paypal link. You can also give via EFT on the CSC's website here by choosing 'Pascal's Bar Renovation' from the drop down menu.

Any amount is helpful. There are some great incentives as well!

  • Give a gift of $250+ and receive a Pascal’s mug with the new logo.

  • Give a gift of $500+ and receive a Pascal’s mug AND an only for donors t-shirt.

There is also a monthly giving option: Give a monthly gift of $50 to reach $500 or $25 to reach $250 to receive gifts.

We trudge onward into construction dust! Renovation will happen Summer 2022. We look forward to enjoying the new bar with a cup of good coffee in hand and hope you will join us.

We deeply appreciate you. Thanks for helping us continue in this good work of furthering the Kingdom in our corner of Gainesville.

Laurie Goddard

Pascal's Manager