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Help Us Raise the Bar

Dear friends of Pascal's and the CSC,

When I was hired as an undergraduate barista at Pascal's in 2008 I had the privilege of working with a dear friend, Sean Hill. This is how Sean describes his time at Pascal's and the CSC,

"Arriving at college, we usually have plenty of ideas about how Christians should live our commission, but it can be hard to find examples to follow. Seeing Pascal’s minister to the spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical (caffeine) needs of its neighbors had a profound effect on the way I think about interacting with my own communities. As they say, come for the Cubano, stay for the discussion."

There are so many like Sean who now live elsewhere but have carried perspectives and lessons on Christian living from their time at Pascal's. As someone who has been personally shaped by the CSC and seen others ministered to by this place, I deeply desire to see Pascal's and the CSC grow and flourish over many more years.

We are almost there! We are 75% of the way to our goal of $100,000 to remodel the coffeebar, refinish the floors, and replace the roof.

Would you consider helping us finish up our goal to complete these very important tasks?

As a reminder we have a few gifts for our donors:

  • Give a gift of $250+ and receive a Pascal’s mug with the new logo.

  • Give a gift of $500+ and receive a Pascal’s mug AND an only for donors t-shirt.

We are very excited to be closer to starting construction this May. Thank you for considering supporting this important work! Laurie Goddard Pascal's Coffeehouse Manager

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