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How Not to Waste Your Life: Embracing Risk, Care, and Responsibility

Join us for Director's Class every Wednesday from September 6th to November 1st at 11:45am as our Executive Director, Michael Sacasas, leads our time in the CSC Classroom.

According to some of the most popular and influential voices in our culture, every aspect of our lives must

be optimized for efficiency, ordered toward productivity, assessed by quantifiable metrics, and calculated to maximize return on investment. Steps are counted, REM sleep monitored, side hustles diligently cultivated, our personal brand curated, goals meticulously mapped, life-hacks deployed, happiness planned, autonomy secured, time saved, risk managed, lives carefully calibrated for convenience, control, and comfort. To do anything less would be to waste your life.

This class will explore how this vision of the good life gets nearly everything wrong because it forgets that we are creatures of flesh and blood made in God’s image. This class critically explores the assumptions driving this prevailing view of human flourishing, and we will also propose an alternative vision that abides limits and risk, embraces care, cultivates virtue, and longs for truth, goodness, and beauty.

Lunch provided to all in attendance.

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