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  • Michael Sacasas

Spring Semester Kick-Off Event

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us on Tuesday, January 24th at 6:30 p.m. for our spring kick-off event at the Christian Study Center.

We will begin the evening with a time of light refreshments followed by a brief orientation to our program for the semester.

At 7:00, our Executive Director, Mike Sacasas, will be giving a short talk titled, "Learning in the Age of Artificial Intelligence."

AI research made impressive gains in the last year, especially in the field of synthetic media. Large language models (LLM) such as GTP-3 are capable of generating convincing responses to questions and prompts, including standard college essay questions, and deep learning models such as DALLE-2 generate striking images based on text prompts. Meanwhile, fears mount about the growing number of future jobs at risk of being automated by these technologies. What are the consequences for education? What does learning look like when many forms of human skill and creativity are easily mimicked by machines? Is the life of the mind still worth pursuing when artificial minds are looming on the horizon? Join us as we critically assess these questions and lay out a vision for humane learning in the 21st century.

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